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How to Edit Footer

Last Updated: Jul 08, 2014 10:51AM CEST
How to Edit Footer in PowerPoint Slides

Editing footer in Powerpoint slides by change it one by one on each slide is already known as an old-fashioned way nowadays. However, many people keep using it as they think that this is the easiest and simplest way to do it.

Here, we offer you a faster and easier way to edit the footer on your slides. Just one adjustment in Master Slide and you will see all the slides have the same footer in not more than three minutes. We have already applied this feature in the Slideshop’s products so that it will treat you in adjusting our slides to fit your needs.
Below are the steps how to adjust footer on your slides.
1.       Go to View


2.       Click on Master Slides

3.       When you are on Master Slide

Master Slide

Go to Slide 1

4.       Change the footer

Adjust the Company Name

Adjust the Name of the Presenter

5.       Click Close Master Slide


6.  And the footer will automatically change in all the slides

Hope it works for you and feel free to contact if you have further questions.
Have a wonderful day! :)


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