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How to Escape the Bullet Points

Last Updated: Jun 20, 2011 02:33PM CEST


Have you ever tried reading the newspaper while listening to your spouse talk at the same time? 
You either missed a line in the newspaper or from your spouse's talk... unless you are rainman that is.

It's impossible to listen and read at the same time. And guess what bullets force the audience to do? 
I think you get my point.
We need to get away from the bullets and instead visualize our ideas so they support the story 
rather than distract it. So how do you convert your bulletized slides into effective ones?
Your Guideline
  1. Find the core message of your presentation
  2. Evaluate each bullet and slide; does it support your core message? If not, delete it
  3. Batch bullets with the same topic into one slide
  4. Take each slide and find visuals that support your point. This could be a picture, a shape or a professional drawing. Do a search on SlideShop and see if you can find something relevant.
When you're done, add the essential words from your bullets next to the visuals.
If you find it hard to support a certain point with visuals, just leave the main words from the bullets in one slide, but make it BIG.
Here's an example of a well-balanced presentation using the tips from above.
Good luck converting bullets :)

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