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Can slides be used on IPad powerpoint or Keynote apps?

P. Carlin Feb 04, 2016 03:32PM CET

Can slides be used on IPad powerpoint or Keynote apps? If so, what OS, model(s) IPads, versions powerpoint and keynote? If not, what OS for Windows? Is there an online version to use and customize?

If I get a puzzle bundle, can the individual puzzle pieces be made out of graphic images themselves or just that ine can import images for the slude utself and not the otherwise solid color puzzle pieces?

Can the slides be saved to my photos or camera roll after I customize so I can use them again?

Thank you.

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Erin Feb 05, 2016 11:10AM CET

Hi Carlin,

Thanks for reaching out!

Regarding your question, all slides are usable on Ms. PowerPoint or Powerpoint for Mac.

Some products entitled Keynote like in the following link can be used in Keynote. But in other products, some elements might be broken when you open it in Keynote.

About the puzzle slides, you can insert an image to an individual piece of the puzzle.

And yes, you can save the slides to your mobile device.

Hope it answers and let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.

Have a great day, Carlin! :)

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