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Some questions about User Terms

Natalie Apr 03, 2013 09:30AM CEST

Can I ask you some questions about User Terms.
1. I live in Russia. Will I buy templates. What's way to pay?
2. I'll offer my service of graphic design for my clients. May I offer templates from and show some little images 5-8 (JPG.) in articles on my site like for presentation. Certainly, it'll sell (or resell) templates from my site. Just I'd like to show the level of graphic to my clients. And if a client likes it, I'll find a suitable template on your site and buy it for him.
For example, for my templates I use photos from stock for view projects and when a client orders this template I'll buy photos.
3. I can buy a template for one project. I've got it. Does it limit for it?
4. For example, I buy a template of business card for my client and he wants another project in the same style (brochures, flyers and so on) can I use some elements from this to make other projects in the same style?
5. Can I be partner of Affiliate Program?

Thanks. Hope to your answer.
Sorry if I repeat some questions that perhaps are on your site. And sorry for my English.


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Teylita Apr 03, 2013 11:37AM CEST

Hello Natalie,

1. Yes, you can buy the slide of course. We receive payment using paypal or VISA or MasterCard.
2. Actually, we don't offer a reselling system. But we can discuss it further. You can send us email at for this matter.
3. You can use the template for more that 1 project as long as you not sell it or distribute it to other party.
4. You can use the same template for more than 1 project, but selling or distributing our template is not allowed.
5. We can discuss it further. You can send us an email at

Hope it helps. :)

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