Customizing Bar Chart InfoBlocks

Here are some helpful tips for editing InfoBlock Bar Charts.

Editing colors:

Right-click anywhere inside of the chart. Two pop-up windows will appear. Focus on the rectangular box that has the “Shape Fill”, “Outline” and “Chart Elements” drop-down box. Make a selection in the chart elements box, then click fill or outline to apply the desired color.

“Chart area” fills the entire background of the chart. “Legend” fills the space behind the 1st Qtr etc. . . text. “Plot area” fills the space between the axes. “Series sales” will change each slide to the same color. “Series sales data labels” changes the background color behind the percentages.

Editing data:

  1. Right-click and select “Edit Data” to bring up a spreadsheet that contains the plot points.

  2. Change these numbers to match your data and hit enter, the chart will update automatically.


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